DiscoverSIP in SOMAEpisode 20 - Nubia Duvall Wilson
Episode 20 - Nubia Duvall Wilson

Episode 20 - Nubia Duvall Wilson

Update: 2018-12-06


Episode 20 with Nubia Duvall Wilson, Published Author
📚We had a soulful conversation about her book, the Survivor’s Club.
🤝Nubia shared her experience as a survivor of abuse and her work to help other survivors get the support they need.
💛This is the perfect book for a “Book Club for Busy People” - it’s a short read that will lead to a big conversation.

This episode is fully an immersion into the interview with Nubia. She is candid about her experiences and all of the emotions that she felt and still feels when there is a triggering event, like the Supreme Court Justice nomination a couple of months ago. Our focus moved to mental health, having compassion for oneself and others, and coping with the strong emotions that come long after the trauma is over. We both hope that this podcast helps you understand, start a conversation, or gives you hope that you can survive and thrive after trauma.

$5.00 from each book sold goes to charity:
The NY Center For Children
Stop Child Predators

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Episode 20 - Nubia Duvall Wilson

Episode 20 - Nubia Duvall Wilson

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