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Episode 3: Sunny and Elizabeth

Episode 3: Sunny and Elizabeth

Update: 2021-09-0222


Elizabeth Holmes is likely to allege at trial that former Theranos President Sunny Balwani was an abusive boyfriend who held her in his thrall and deprived her of her free will. But text messages between the former lovers don’t back up that narrative.

In this episode the actors Ali Farahnakian and Rachel Butera read the texts between Sunny and Elizabeth. 

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Jill K

I cannot stand the way she talks. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Sep 10th


What can kids learn from Elizabeth’s experience? Stay in school and learn what is truly feasible in your field. These two people are examples of the relationship between US Politics and media. “Willingness to lie”

Sep 10th

Brooke Venning

I love this podcast but this episode was hard to take seriously because it sounds like Sunny is talking to Kermit the Frog 😂😂😂

Sep 7th
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Amanda Williams

Those texts won't help her defense that she was a victim of emotional abuse and control. Suni sounds like a emotional support cheerleader.

Sep 4th
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Stephanie Womack

Ohhhh Lordy, I can't wait till next week. I listened to another entire podcast about this but this one gives much better chronological insight. I also remember this story breaking. I am serious science nerd nurse and followed closely. I cant wait to get home and check the court TV commentary.

Sep 3rd

Kari Moore

Absolute Best Podcast, I cannot recommend this more. I have followed this story from the beginning of first exposure and I so hope the trial to begin next week is aired on live TV. The voiceovers are great performers also and the narration is superb. Even though I know the story well, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the Episode 4 drop ;)!!

Sep 3rd
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Episode 3: Sunny and Elizabeth

Episode 3: Sunny and Elizabeth

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