Episode 7: The Editors

Episode 7: The Editors

Update: 2020-01-2961


At a precarious moment for the free press—as journalists face rhetoric about “fake news,” hostility toward reporters at political rallies, and efforts by powerful interests to suppress and manipulate the news—this episode looks at a group of people on the frontlines of the fight for the truth. Take a rare trip inside the walls of The New Yorker and learn how its editors, fact checkers, and lawyer stared down threats from titans of industry (and their hired spies) to break major stories.

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As a lawyer, I see disappointingly few opportunities to say what I get to say here: "I'm proud of my profession." Of course, only one of the attorneys in this piece is deserving of plaudits, and boy do I covet his job. Susan Mee

Feb 10th

judith Moore

So glad the New Yorker had their integrity in place, otherwise this story wouldn't have been told. Just want to know when the New Yorker and Mr. Farrow will publish the terrible, gritty, criminal facts about trump and all his coverups and the people supposedly serving our country covering for him. Similiar to Weinstein, it is a long dirty trail I am sure. This podcast is great, hearing the people involved really brings it to life but the book was so detailed, couldn't put it down. "War on Peace" was the first book I read by Ronan. Keep up the integral work you do Ronan.

Feb 4th

Nancy W

Way to go New Yorker magazine!!!! I am so grateful to all who worked to get this story out, and all of the other stories they strive to cover and put into print. I have just subscribed to the magazine due to this podcast and can't wait to start reading❤

Jan 29th

Mae Lee Arant

journalists and the press/media are at the frontlines of this war against democracy and truth. Sincere gratitude for those who serve.

Jan 29th








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Episode 7: The Editors

Episode 7: The Editors

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