DiscoverStrength In BusinessFacebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience
Facebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience

Facebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience

Update: 2019-08-20


My latest Facebook Advertising Workshop in London (UK) has revealed some interesting new insights to running digital advertising no matter the platform. It has also unveiled a better understanding of what drives human behavior.

Let’s get straight into the “meat” so to speak.

You see, some people who attend my workshops
want to run profitable Facebook ads from day one without experience and without
willing to make mistakes. They feel guilty and fearful about spending money AKA
they haven’t worked on their mindset as a Media Buyer. They aren’t crystal
clear about who exactly they want to target and what they want accomplished. On
top of that, different advertising gurus have misled them to think that running
ads on Facebook is easy.

I’ll use this space again, as I did in my
previous blog posts about Facebook advertising to highlight the following:

Being a “button presser” on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you
name it, is easy. Running PROFITABLE ads on all these platforms, especially
Facebook is not!

Among other things, it requires the right money
and media buyer mindset, having solid content and advertising funnels in place,
knowing your audience and being super diligent and resilient when it comes to
testing and optimizing in order to get the most out of your ads.

BTW when I’m referring to Facebook ads I also mean Messenger ads
and Instagram ads, basically everything that belongs to the Facebook

Everybody wants to have the hacks, the
strategies and techniques, the shortcuts but very few are willing to put in the
work, to learn the ins and outs of a platform that keeps changing almost on a
daily basis.

For example, ads that have delivered consistent
results for the past two years might stop running. Ads you have set up three
weeks ago might get disapproved because Facebook has come up with a new rule.

You can read about hacks, strategies and tactics all day long. You can go to all kinds of seminars where you’re told how easy it is to run ads on Facebook but unless you’re willing to invest time and money into consistently running ads yourself, your fantasies about successful ads might as well turn into nightmares and a big hole in your wallet.

There is no compression algorithm for experience!

I learned this valuable lesson from my
high-performance coach and mentor Dan Pena and I’d like to pass this nugget of
wisdom on to you.

Stop looking for shortcuts. There are no
overnight successes in Facebook advertising as there aren’t any in other areas
of business.

Who would you rather learn from:

1) Somebody who has read 250 books on digital
advertising and attended 60 workshops on Facebook


2) Somebody who has run Facebook ads for the
past 10 years on a daily basis?

You choose. It’s entirely your call.

I’ve been running Facebook advertising
workshops all around the globe for a few years now. Based on everything I’ve
seen and experienced first hand with my Academy students and workshop
attendees, I decided to structure my 2-hour intensive workshop very differently.

Here’s what’s different in my Facebook advertising workshop:

  • Private, exclusive and limited to a VERY small number of attendees.
  • Tailored to your specific questions – meaning, I’m not interested in running through an xyz number of
    PowerPoint slides. You get these anyways at the end of the session as a PDF
    document. The main purpose of the workshop is to get your questions answered
    and that’s why I encourage all attendees to bring their laptops, pads and
    phones along so that we can immerse ourselves into their challenges and find
    viable solutions on the spot.
  • No conventional wisdom.
  • No fluff.
  • No sales pitch.
  • No upsell, cross-sell or XYZ sale from the back of the room. I used to give people who attended my workshop the opportunity to
    join my Academy and get a free 1:1 consulting session with me personally as a bonus but
    I changed that. No more sales.

And yes, you’ll need to pay the price to action.

When Is The Next Facebook Advertising Workshop?

For those of you who resonate with my message above, I look forward to getting to know and help you get the results you want from your Facebook ads.

The best way to find out where I’ll host my next event is by visiting my Eventbrite page. If you want to reach out to me, feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter @KriszRokk. Yes, Twitter was and still is my preferred communication channel.

Also feel free to have a look at all my previous
workshop locations listed on Eventbrite as well as the content that I covered.
Furthermore, you can read all the articles related to advertising on social media that
I’ve published here on StrengthInBusiness.

As Amazon, Twitter and Snapchat are pushing deeper into online advertising, the duo Facebook and Google which attract more than 80% of global spending on digital advertising outside China [Source: Financial Times] continue to dominate the space.

Therefore running profitable ads on Facebook,
Instagram and Messenger is of great importance, if you want to maximize your
presence and results on these high-impact social platforms.

What’s your biggest Facebook advertising challenge?

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Facebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience

Facebook Advertising Workshop: There’s No Compression Algorithm for Experience

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