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Fantasy, Lore, and More: Warrior Mage Librarians

Fantasy, Lore, and More: Warrior Mage Librarians

Update: 2023-06-18


Hi, I’m indie fantasy author, Melinda Kucsera, and today Anna McCluskey joins me to discuss her contemporary fantasy series The Warrior Mage Librarians. 

What’s it about? 

  • Between strange cryptids, forgotten artifacts, and dangerous magics, a Warrior Mage Librarian's work is never done.  

  • Trevor and Sister Margaret might seem like an odd pairing. He's a mild-mannered historian with a wry sense of humor and she curses like a sailor and carries an arsenal of weapons everywhere she goes. But they're fast becoming one of the Vatican's best teams of Warrior Mage Librarians -- mages who travel between remote secret libraries, defending them from accidentally-summoned demons, mages with ill intent, and other threats.  

  • Then cryptids suddenly reveal their existence to the human mage world and everything changes.  Sister Margaret and Trevor are sent as emissaries to the annual summit of the Cryptid Collective, where they find that not all cryptids want mages around. And some of them want to wipe humanity from the earth altogether. 

  • Their years-long quest to protect the world as they know it from this cryptid conspiracy will take them from Antarctica to the sulfuric hot springs of Ethiopia. From an island filled with venom-spitting snakes to the depths of the ocean.  

  • Will Trevor and Sister Margaret be able to root out the enemies of humanity? Or will the world be plunged into a war like nothing it's ever seen before?

What’s in this episode:  

  • Anna McCluskey will transport us into a secret world of magic and cryptids hidden within our own. We’ll explore an unusual magic system and found family as characters guard knowledge and fight evil. 

  • We’ll discover what inspired this 4-book contemporary fantasy series, how Anna developed the world and magic system, and what readers can expect from this kickstarter launching series.

  • We’ll discuss the series’ ace/aro male lead and badass warrior nun female lead, found family, and the secret societies protecting the world from darkness.

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About your host, Melinda Kucsera:

I am Melinda Kucsera, an indie fantasy author who wrote and published 20+ books since 2016 across 5 series. I write epic fantasy adventures about families and magical creatures who’re just trying to survive in a world that hates and fears magic but is steeped in it.

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Why am I here?

I want to give you more fun adventures, more often, and create a community of fantasy readers to share ideas with, new stories, artwork, and have fun. So I’m taking the plunge and posting chapters of my upcoming books, bonus content, podcasts, videos, audiobooks, boxed sets, deleted scenes, alternate endings and beginnings, Patron-only stories, and more.  

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Fantasy, Lore, and More: Warrior Mage Librarians

Fantasy, Lore, and More: Warrior Mage Librarians

Melinda Kucsera