DiscoverThe Silent WhyForty down, sixty-one to go
Forty down, sixty-one to go

Forty down, sixty-one to go

Update: 2023-01-31


#064.  Another milestone reached! We've hit loss number 40 on our mission to explore 101 different types, meaning we only have 61 (!) to go.

In this episode we (Chris & Claire Sandys) pause briefly to discuss what we've learned so far on this journey. What are the takeaways? What has encouraged us? What will we try in the future? What's most memorable about the last 10 losses we've explored?

We're loving every second of talking to others on this podcast, but we're also learning a lot about healthy ways to process our own childlessness grief.

And because we ask every guest 'What's your Herman?', we've mixed together the last 10 guest's Hermans - so tune in for the not-yet-famous 'Hermontage' to hear what they want to share to help you in your loss.

And if you don't know what a Herman is, visit the link below. 

Huge thanks to Losses 31-40: Vlad Korotkov & Irina Karaseva (our first couple interview), Peter Ellis, Hui-wen Sato, Greg Williams, Edy Nathan, Mary Turner Thomson, Mark Riddles, and Sheridan Voysey.

If you'd like to see our guests and encourage them, pop over to our social media for the latest collage of their lovely faces and hit 'like'.


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Forty down, sixty-one to go

Forty down, sixty-one to go

Chris Sandys, Claire Sandys