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Founders' retreat

Founders' retreat

Update: 2022-01-18


Jon and Justin recorded this episode sitting on the same couch!

  • Photo of the Coeur de Boeuf

  • The last time we were together in person: April 30, 2019 [Photo]

  • 2022 roadmap planning. We're exploring what we'd like to accomplish this year. 

    • Update and improve the podcast website builder

    • Build new podcast website templates based on Liquid

    • Add tools that help podcasters promote their show

    • Continue to improve our Dynamic Audio Insertion features

    • Create new features that help podcasters monetize their show

  • Sales/marketing planning:

    • Reaching out to major affiliates to see how we can better partner with them

    • Looking at ways of rewarding our customers for referring through Rewardful

    • Freemium?

  • Employees/company stuff 

    • Options: Carta

    • Benefits

    • Possible hiring

  • Future:
    • Long-term, we’re looking at an acquisition: what do we need to do to build up to that?

What should we talk about next?

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Founders' retreat

Founders' retreat