DiscoverAmazing GreatsGOD-SPEED- NASCAR with Keith Koldsbaek
GOD-SPEED- NASCAR with Keith Koldsbaek

GOD-SPEED- NASCAR with Keith Koldsbaek

Update: 2024-04-29


What I love about this episode is how fun, human, unique and authentic our guest is.
His name is Keith Koldsbaek,  but from his story, in the next few will also get to know more about hydroplane race driving legend  Chip Hanauer,  as well as Kaitlyn, Dee Dee and Bella.  You'll find out about how Nascar driver Jimmy Johnson ended up standing on the sponson of a hydroplane with hydroplane driver icon Bill Muncey.  Keith shares details of the marriage that didn't happen, but the daughter who did and how that was a life changing Jesus moment. 

From an early age Keith had a " need for speed"  and shares  how go-carts led to NASCAR and a 40 year career making things go fast.  Throughout it all he leaned heavily on his faith in many ways, including church every Sunday as a kid right up to being engaged in "Motor Racing Outreach" a weekly Bible Study.   Keith, with his bi-coastal wife,  are both committed to do what they can to follow Jesus and to do what they can to help make heaven crowded,  showing up every day as disciples of Jesus.  

Oh...and the story of his best friend...a 15 pound, 14 year old long haired dachshund is crazy!  Together they have run 5 marathons  and 40 half marathons and as many as 1600 miles in a year.   Fascinating. 

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GOD-SPEED- NASCAR with Keith Koldsbaek

GOD-SPEED- NASCAR with Keith Koldsbaek

Host Ric Hansen. Produced by Klem Daniels