DiscoverIn The TrenchesGoing Undercover: Face-To-Face With Human Traffickers
Going Undercover: Face-To-Face With Human Traffickers

Going Undercover: Face-To-Face With Human Traffickers

Update: 2023-05-241


Tim and Matt Cooper talk today about coming face to face with human traffickers over the years and how they don’t necessarily look like the stereotypical creep you’d imagine. 

One of the challenging aspects of this line of work, and a reason why child exploitation and human trafficking are so prevalent, is that there is no profile for a paedophile. You can’t easily identify who they could be because a lot of the time, they look like your friend, your neighbour, your pastor or your teacher. 

Tim and Matt talk about the shocking fact that a lot of the “successful” human trafficking networks have a female who takes care of the victims. These women have usually worked in the sex industry themselves and they use their knowledge to turn it on other victims of trafficking. This is another reason why female undercover operatives are so vital because they are able to build trust with the female perpetrators more so than men.  

Reflecting on an operation where the perpetrator was acting strange, trying to determine if Tim was an undercover agent, Tim shares how frightening it is to see the lengths people will go to in order to engage in this sickening behaviour. 

Tim shares a sobering warning that some of what we are seeing pushed today in political and social movements is actually trying to normalize sexually deviant behavior with children. He talks about the policies that are being proposed and enacted are the exact policies the paedophiles have been pushing for half a century. Let this be a further urge to parents, grandparents and carers that it’s time to wake up and not allow our children to be caught in the child trap. 


This work is never done and Operation Underground Railroad needs your help to rescue as many children as possible. To help us carry out more operations, please head to and thanks for listening.


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Going Undercover: Face-To-Face With Human Traffickers

Going Undercover: Face-To-Face With Human Traffickers

Tim Ballard