DiscoverICONIC LeaderGolden Problem: Internet Trolls [Part 2]
Golden Problem: Internet Trolls [Part 2]

Golden Problem: Internet Trolls [Part 2]

Update: 2024-06-17


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The story of my business has a before and after:

Who I was before I got trolled on the internet for the first time...

… and who I became after.

That first experience with internet trolling left me reeling with guilt, shame and fear for nearly a year.

And on top of that, I desperately missed the naive version of myself who believed that everyone was cheering for me and saw my rapid success as a GOOD thing and something possible for them too.  So on top of all the other emotions was a deep sense of loss and grief.

For the first time since I started my business I doubted my old trusty thought "This is happening FOR me." 

Maybe that's not true this time, I thought. Maybe this really is over.

Maybe I'm over.

Eventually I let go of my desire to go back in time and let the healing take as long as it needed to.

And I emerged with a deep knowing that the whole thing had in fact happened FOR me. And for you all. Though painful, the experience brought me closer to myself than ever before, with more self-love, compassion, safety and self-validation. And damn did it make me a better coach. 

All just in time for it to happen again.

Last week someone shared my Thread as her "Ick of the Day" post  and it immediately amassed 30k views.

And it today's episode I share what the experience was like for me this time. What was the same, what was different, and what I chose to think about it.

And if you're going through this right now, I'm sending you lots of love and the knowing that who you become because of this experience will be a gift for everyone, even the haters. 😘

PS: At the end of the episode I mention a free copy coaching session I'm hosting; here are the deets!

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- Share the Google doc with (NOTE: when you hit the SHARE button be sure to change General Access to "Anyone With The Link" and then change the permission level from "Viewer" to "Editor")

-At the top of the page let me know who the post is for, how you want them to feel after reading it, and what question(s) you have for me.

- YOU WILL RECEIVE THE ZOOM LINK ONLY AFTER COPY HAS BEEN SUBMITTED (Copy must be submitted by 3pm EST Tuesday June 18th).

I can't wait to see what your brilliant brain comes up with!!!

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Golden Problem: Internet Trolls [Part 2]

Golden Problem: Internet Trolls [Part 2]

Sarah Plowman