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Happy Inclusive Beginnings

Happy Inclusive Beginnings

Update: 2020-12-31


This organic halt, signified by the year 2020, was one of a kind. Embedded in it, was a unique opportunity, an opportunity to celebrate what really matters and to rethink what really is ‘The Winning Side’, The all inclusive winning side.

Who would have thought that the ever increasing pace of life would get a market correction in this extreme form. 

The year started with a bang, with a classic countdown across the globe. Each country proudly displaying its fireworks. Global audience taking the liberty of joining in with the excitement of starting a new year, new resolutions and new targets. 

Global leaders came together at Davos, for the World Economic Forum, identified key theme as ‘Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World’. These very stakeholders were organically redefined across the course of the year. 

In other news, there was an ambitious cohort at University of Cambridge, pursuing Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA). They indulged in the ever so popular EMBA’s traditional Red-Blue game. The game was based on the concept of prisoners dilemma, a decision paradox in game theory. In simple terms it offers four decision outcomes and two decision strategies to two parties. The two parties can not communicate but there individual decisions will have a ripple effect. It reflects how rational decision makers may not cooperate even if the outcome leads to a mutual win-win. This is a dilemma that we witnessed LIVE. It magnified over the course of the year, amidst identity politics, Brexit, lockdowns, quarantine measures and Black Lives Movement. 

Needless to say the year 2020, is our calling for reflection, rebuilding and reshuffling our priorities. 

2020 Highlights and Thank You Note

This year The Winning Side re-started (we say re-started, as that is a story to be shared at another time) journey from a LIVE dialogue on Women in the Boardroom at University of Cambridge Library, followed by dialogue on role of diversity & inclusion in leadership at Judge Business school and from there on there was no stopping us. We spread our virtual wings globally.

We welcomed diverse perspectives, explored winning mantras and got inspired by our esteemed guests from the French Rivera, Springfield (US), California (US), Iran, Netherlands, Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, China, New York (US), Lebanon, Scotland and London (UK). 

Here's what this wonderful journey lead to:

  • Rated amongst Top 50 Apple Podcasts.

  • Created a safe space, to amplify eight constructive dialogues on leading change and diversity, equality & inclusion. Collaborated with The Bridge to talk racial equity.

  • Generously backed by sponsors twice, University of Cambridge Library and Crowdfunder Uk.

  • Joined by a community of plus 1000 global listeners, spread across 30 countries.

In short we were/are overwhelmed, humbled and obliged by the response of our family, friends, networks and YOU.

Join us in 2021 by subscribing to and collaborating with ‘The Winning Side’ podcast. Lets continue this journey, where we come together to celebrate wins, create safe spaces, amplify diverse voices and ask the right questions. 

Happy Inclusive Beginnings!

Host: Sara Hasan 












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Happy Inclusive Beginnings

Happy Inclusive Beginnings

Sara Hasan