Hate and Racism: Are they mental illness?

Hate and Racism: Are they mental illness?

Update: 2022-06-02


Y'all...  I'm tired.  Are you tired?  I'm angry, hurt, frustrated and SICK of us ignoring the obvious impact of 2 core human issues:  Hate and Racism. 

In this episode, I'm going to explain why racism is a delusional condition and hate absolutely IS a state of mind that should be classified as mental illness!  The sooner we begin to understand the underlying mental illness that all humans are experiencing, the faster we can evolve society to address these issues.  One cannot solve a problem we have not named.

All humans are one race, so any concept that there are multiple races is a delusional product of primitive human interpretations of one another.  Until we acknowledge this and change our mental, verbal and official language about this, we will continue to fester in the imaginary impact of racism. 

Hate is a toxic mix of FEAR and dysfunctional LOVE.  It is an addictive sensation, driven by our pleasure chemical DOPAMINE, and it is fueling the hellscape that Earth has become.  We must understand our brain, biology and behavior in order to survive.  This is an urgent SOS to humanity.  PAUSE and address your own mental health.

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Hate and Racism: Are they mental illness?

Hate and Racism: Are they mental illness?