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Healthy Engagement at Work with Gerphil Kerkhof

Healthy Engagement at Work with Gerphil Kerkhof

Update: 2022-11-08


Gerphil Kerkhof has turned around his life several times. After having studied German Language & Literature (and Philosophy) he worked himself into the business world. He started as a market researcher in the IT market, later on, he became a management consultant in business/IT alignment and ‘ended’ as an enterprise architect.  

Seven years ago he went through a process of deep personal transformation, also known (and experienced as) burn-out. During his recovery, he reinvented himself using Orientation on Being into a "Zijnsgeoriënteerd” therapist and (life) coach. His focus is on burn-out and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and in general on coaching people to turn their ‘Disaster’ into Opportunity. He lives together with Jantina for 25 years, and has three sons from a previous marriage and three granddaughters.  

Essential Waves is the name of Gerphil's practice, where he coaches his clients. In addition, and as his prime means to market, he offers a website, where he publishes his views and approach of in particular burn-out and ADD, and on emotional and spiritual growth.  

In this conversation, Gerphil and Chris talk about how healthy engagement at work can contribute to improved performance and better mental health overall.  We discuss the key elements of effective stress management, including having influence, autonomy and social support.  There are also risks of being too attached to your work.  



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Healthy Engagement at Work with Gerphil Kerkhof

Healthy Engagement at Work with Gerphil Kerkhof

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