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How She Stopped Playing Small with Julie

How She Stopped Playing Small with Julie

Update: 2021-01-20


Ok so someone offers to take your picture.  Do you shy away from it? Have you always?  And yes, the image is changing - at least it is for me - but in many ways, the road detours and challenges that lead to every spot or mark on my skin has helped me build into a stronger and more powerful force.  I want to remember what it feels like to be me at this age -  to document all the fun I'm having.  

But some may not feel the same and may not see themselves that way.  They need someone to literally shine a light, to bring their beauty and the essence of who they are, out front, for all to see.  And most importantly, for SHE herself to see.

 That person is with me today and I think you'll see when you meet Julie, how her passion for helping elevate women - especially those of us over 50 - is changing how they feel and is truly changing lives.

 I love that my guest today states - almost quietly shouts it actually - that Beauty has no expiration date and it's time for you to be seen.  Julie Ulstrup always loved photography but she started as a school educator who then followed her passion to become a professional photographer and is having the best time of her life.  She's had her own trials and tribulations but she will explain how her personal journey after divorce and in northern Spain provided her her own life-changing experience and pushed her to stop playing small.

 I hope you check out Julie's artistry and how she is helping elevate women - especially her 50 Over 50 project at  You can hear more from Julie in her TED talk on How to Transform the Way You See Yourself, TEDxCherryCreekWomen.

 I have more information available on my website, and additional free resources to and I invite you to join our destinationu community and learn to live with more fun, more inspiration and more support from others out there living out loud.  To stop playing small!


Thanks so much everyone!









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How She Stopped Playing Small with Julie

How She Stopped Playing Small with Julie

Julie Ulstrup