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How did this podcast host get here?

How did this podcast host get here?

Update: 2021-11-09


When I started this podcast earlier this year, it was really as a bit of a passion project. I love storytelling and love learning other people’s stories, and I  wanted an avenue to share some of the amazing stories I’ve come across through my network of friends and family over the year. 

Every day we make judgements about people - how they behave and why they behave the way they do. But what I’ve come to learn is that every single person has a story. And those stories are the experiences that have shaped and changed them. When we start to ask about who they are and their lives, we start to uncover so much more about each individual. I really believe it’s by investing in the time to understand people - and sharing their stories - that we start to connect to each other more deeply, and show more empathy and understanding for those around us.

I’ve been incredibly privileged and humbled that so many people have agreed to share their stories with me - and with you - this year.  I can’t thank you all enough for being so open and generous with your stories, and also helping me to bring my passion project to life.

But when one of my besties suggested I should do a podcast episode about me, I didn’t exactly jump at the idea! Firstly, I just don’t think I’m that interesting! But also, I feel really uncomfortable talking about myself. But when I reflected on it, I realised I ask a lot of my podcast guests, so the least I could do is put myself out of my comfort zone and do the same thing. So here it is - a little bit about me!

Content warning - in this episode, I do mention experiences of domestic and family violence. If this content impacts you in any way and you need support, please consider contacting:

Thank you to my wonderful friend Ashleigh for agreeing to be my interviewer for this episode. She did an incredible job of trying to keep me on track!

This is the final episode in this season of the podcast - I have more stories in progress ready for the next season, which will be launched in early 2022. If you have a story to share, or you know someone who does, please get in touch. You can find me on LinkedIn, on instagram at @heymel.comms, or via my website -









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How did this podcast host get here?

How did this podcast host get here?