DiscoverDoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security ProgramHow the federal security clearance investigation works
How the federal security clearance investigation works

How the federal security clearance investigation works

Update: 2020-04-11


We discuss the security clearance investigation and the importance of protecting classified information.
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This is great for dod security professionals, industrial security professionals, those who have questions about dod security clearances, and much more. 
Did you know that employees with security clearances make up to 15% more than their counterparts? 

  • But many people don't apply for security clearance jobs because they are worried about their past.
  • Many don't apply because they don't understand the process.

Insider's Guide to Security Clearances answers your questions and walks the reader through the process.

It's like having a security clearance roadmap and a private guide.

What I've learned after over two decades in the field is that fear and misunderstandings stop people from making good career decisions such as applying for security clearance jobs. Just like any career goal or dream, you can probably list a few reasons why you should give up before you even try. Here are a few common misconceptions:

  • I have a bad past; so they won't give me a clearance. 
  • Everyone will see my personal secrets
  • Security clearances cost a lot of money
  • It takes years to get a security clearance
  • Security clearances are too competitive; they'll never give me one

None of these are true. Insider's Guide to Security Clearance gives you the real information and solutions you need to go after that security clearance job.

Inside you'll find answers to your security clearance questions and information you can use immediately. 

My name is Jeff Bennett and I've been working with a security clearance for decades. I understand the system well and want to share with you my knowledge. I've taught courses in college, given security training to corporations, led security teams, and written many books on the subject. I think you will be pleased with this book. If you like it, please provide a review and recommend it to your friends.

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FSO Consulting:

We provide facility security clearance, personnel security clearance, FSO consulting and NISPOM consulting.

Personnel Security Clearances

  • How to get a clearance
  • What to expect once you get a clearance
  • What you can do to prepare for a clearance

Facility Security Clearance

✓Become a CDC Contractor

✓Determine security requirements for SECRET, TOP SECRET and SCI Clearances

✓Establish a security team to protect classified information

✓Develop and provide required security training

✓Prepare for government inspections

✓Interpret Contract specifications

✓Fight Insider threat

✓Learn Security clearance levels

✓Process Classified information

✓Prepare Derivative Classification

✓Provide required Security Training

✓Appointing a Facility Security Officer

✓Prepare for Government Audits

Security Clearance and NISPOM consulting

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How the federal security clearance investigation works

How the federal security clearance investigation works

jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, SAPPC, SFPC, ISOC