How to Be a Bossy Girl with Kristal Markle

How to Be a Bossy Girl with Kristal Markle

Update: 2023-02-24


Kristal Markle, the Bossy Girl and America's leading servant leadership expert for women, made her debut in 2016 with a novel idea to redefine the word “BOSSY” for the world. What makes her a trusted authority? She has gone from brain injury survivor to standing before hundreds in all her glory. She will help you do the same when you make the choice that it is your time to rise. She is a renowned motivational speaker, thought leader, influencer, servant leadership authority, and two-time international bestselling author.

Kristal motivates leaders to change their lives by discovering their full power and maximum influence. Her authenticity and courage powers her ability to influence others and never accept defeat as the final answer.

With a master’s degree in strategic leadership and nearly two decades of professional experience she has provided leadership development and consulting services for clients such as the Discovery Channel, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Maryland Department of Human Resources, Planet Fitness, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, among many others. Her high energy and captivating style have been sought out by universities, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and government.

We discussed:

  • How Her Brain Injury Catapulted Her To A Whole New Career
  • Why Character & Leadership Are The Same
  • Why Her Accident Became A Defining Moment In Her Success
  • Why Is The Leader The Least Important Person In The Room
  • Why Is Being A Bossy Girl Important  

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How to Be a Bossy Girl with Kristal Markle

How to Be a Bossy Girl with Kristal Markle

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