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How to Conquer Being an Overachiever to Breed Success

How to Conquer Being an Overachiever to Breed Success

Update: 2019-03-28


I have been a constant overachiever most of my life and welcome the pressure I put on myself every day. It keeps my mind occupied, sharp and focused me on my goals. But it is only by the constant organization and adjustment that I can keep things going in the right direction for sustained periods of time. Listen and learn about what has worked for me and see if you to can benefit from setting high standards and trying to achieve them.


“Block out some time to do something for yourself or just even to educate yourself on something that you feel would make you more interesting or happier. These things are critical for your own personal growth and to help you to become a more interesting, happy person.”

- Gregory Paul


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We know, for a fact, that some are good at handling multiple tasks at the same time. But for those who cannot, what now? Anyone of us can be guilty of this, and I know we want to break free. These and more, we will be talking in this episode.

Here are three helpful tips you can do yourself to stop you from wandering too far off and instead, focus and concentrate on one goal at a time:


  1. Focus on your personal time.

You have to lay out an agenda as to what you think is important for you to the goal that you want to achieve that week.

Focus and try to make sure that you have dedicated time for it.


  1. Everything begins with a schedule.

You have to plan. You have to stick to the plan. If you don’t plan and there is no structure, the chance at success is hard and slim.


  1. Follow through and implement.

Sticking to the plan is one thing. Getting things performing and going is the essential part of the task because if you don’t try, you’re not going to know if you succeed or not.


  1. Be ready to bail out.

Little things like that small slight adjustments are necessary and are ready to bail on something that's really not working or not serving you, or you quickly realize may or may not be where you want to be is also very, very important.


So overall, it's important that you pay attention to what you want to achieve. Being an overachiever is not a bad thing. Being an average achiever is not a bad thing either depending on how you want to live your life. Now, take these four easy steps to avoid overwhelm and become an overachiever.




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How to Conquer Being an Overachiever to Breed Success

How to Conquer Being an Overachiever to Breed Success