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How to Reclaim Work & Come Back to Life

How to Reclaim Work & Come Back to Life

Update: 2021-08-121


Work, as we know it, is broken. Has been for a long time. But this moment we're in has brought it home like never before. And, now, it's time for a reclamation! We spend the majority of our adult life working. If what you do empties you out, burns you out, or leaves you disconnected from what truly matters to you, that's a brutally hard way to live. BUT, if what you do fills you with meaning, energy and excitement, drops you into flow, and gives you a sense of purpose and joy, that's an amazing thing.

Question is - how do you KNOW what kind of work will give you all the life-elevating feelings you seek? A big part of the puzzle is discovering and deepening into your Sparketype® - your unique imprint for work that makes you come alive. You can discover yours now by taking the Sparketype Assessment.

Then, grab your copy of the groundbreaking new book by Jonathan Fields - SPARKED: Discover Your Unique Imprint for Work that Makes You Come Alive - to know yourself like never before, feel seen, embraced, and finally understand how to reclaim the way you work and transform it into a source of joy, meaning, purpose and possibility.

Pre-order now get some incredible bonuses.


Have you discovered your Sparketype yet? Take the Sparketype Assessment™ now. IT’S FREE ( and takes about 7-minutes to complete. At a minimum, it’ll open your eyes in a big way. It also just might change your life.

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How to Reclaim Work & Come Back to Life

How to Reclaim Work & Come Back to Life