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Interview with Chrissy Chlapecka

Interview with Chrissy Chlapecka

Update: 2024-06-10


We had the pleasure of interviewing Chrissy Chlapecka over Zoom video!

The princess of girlie pop, Chrissy Chlapecka just drreleased her highly anticipated debut EP Girlie Pop. The debut collection is quintessential Chrissy, with an explosion of joyfully queer and cheeky pop songs like “I’m Really Pretty” (Rolling Stone), sapphic cheerleader anthem “Verse” (Rolling Stone), cheeky “10 Boyfriends” and more.

When asked what the EP means to her, Chrissy says

“Girlie Pop is a collection of songs that represent my love for humor, theatrics and high camp hyperfemininity. With my debut EP, I wanted the world to know what kind of artist I am - one who pushes boundaries in a cheeky yet extremely thoughtful way. My musical theatre roots are all over this project, and I’m honored to share it with the world.”

Alongside the vibrant debut EP drop is an ambitious, single-take, music video for “Sugar” - where Chrissy the actress confidently dives into her theater roots, delivering a dynamic performance bold enough for the stage. “I knew I wanted to show off my love for musical theatre one way or another on this project” Chrissy shared. “I love creating visuals, but the visuals I know best are all one take. I put my team up to the challenge, and although there was hesitation with logistics at first, we all knew we could accomplish this. Sugar is the dramatic, raw, camp, over the top side of Chrissy that’s been within me since I first ever stepped onstage at 8 years old. This is who I am, and who you will see more of down the line with my work.”

Following Rolling Stone’s Brightest Pop Stars to Watch in 2023, Chrissy was recently highlighted on PEOPLE’s 2024 Spring Emerging Artists List. The queer icon will hit the road on tour this pride season, kicking off at Solid Pink Disco a sold out EP release show in LA and hitting major cities, with stops at cultural hubs like The Grammy Museum along the way.

You may have seen Chrissy’s gorgeous mug as the face of “Bimbo-Feminism” in The New York Times, PAPER, Interview, NYLON, or in the year of Barbies and Bimbos, on NPR. Now the subversive online icon is turning total popstar, by way of inspirations like Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and bold Broadway level drama, only more glitter, camp and pink. Only in her first year of dropping music, the Chicago native has earned over 22M streams on Spotify alone with singles like “BRAT”, “I’m So Hot” and “Head Bitch” and was named one of Rolling Stone’s Brightest Pop Stars to Watch. Her transformation from viral TikToker to pop sensation has left her nearly 6M followers and listeners begging for more more more. And they’re gonna get it.


Chicago native and rising pop sensation Chrissy Chlapecka came out the gate swinging with her debut single “I’m So Hot” in 2023. The response was immediate and fervent, earning her immediate accolades from Rolling Stone’s Brightest Pop Stars to Watch, The New York Times, Billboard, Vogue, PAPER, Nylon, The Chicago Tribune, and beyond.  

Chrissy not only captivates with her obvious star power, powerful vocals, humor, and magnetic stage presence, but the core of her artistry and journey defies conventional norms. Beneath a glamorous, hyper feminine exterior, Chrissy has solidified a platform rooted in equality, amplifying disenfranchised voices in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. With each release, Chrissy is leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and forging new paths for the feminist landscape of the future. Chrissy’s debut EP Girlie Pop is out NOW!

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Interview with Chrissy Chlapecka

Interview with Chrissy Chlapecka

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