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Introducing: Will Be Wild

Introducing: Will Be Wild

Update: 2022-04-085


From critically acclaimed podcast studios Pineapple Street and Wondery comes a new 8-part series called Will Be Wild that shines a light on the human stories left out of the headlines. It goes deep into the lives of people who took part in that day. People who saw it coming. And people who fear that January 6th was just the beginning of something, not the end.

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Paula Wohletz

I just heard a trailer of Will Be Wild while listening to another podcast on Castbox. The trailer included something to the effect that the Jan 6 protest was the culmination. of "4 years of autocracy". In light of what we have lived in the last 18 months. I found the statement laughable at the very least. Until very recently I was a lifelong supporter of the Democrat Party, but even I can't defend the draconian , non-legislated policies that the current administration has imposed on the American people. Perhaps the podcast creators should rethink their idea of "autocracy" .

May 29th
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Introducing: Will Be Wild

Introducing: Will Be Wild