DiscoverThe Strength Running PodcastIronman Triathlon to the CrossFit Games: How Eric Hinman Mastered Recovery & Training
Ironman Triathlon to the CrossFit Games: How Eric Hinman Mastered Recovery & Training

Ironman Triathlon to the CrossFit Games: How Eric Hinman Mastered Recovery & Training

Update: 2024-05-16


As a hybrid athlete, Eric Hinman has experienced both extremes of ultra endurance and anaerobic power.

Based in Denver, Eric is a 5x Ironman, serial entrepreneur, and brand builder. At 43 years old, Eric's currently training for the Leadville 100-mile Mountain Bike Race, which he trains for every year. He’s also attempting to qualify for the 2024 CrossFit Games. He spent years before then training for long course triathlons.

In this episode, Eric and I talk about:

  • Moving to Colorado for better wellness and outdoor activities, and building a community
  • Eric's journey from insurance agent to Ironman triathlete
  • Business lessons learned from triathlons
  • The transition from Ironman to CrossFit, including training and nutrition shifts
  • Eric's recovery protocol, including sauna, hot tub, and cold tub therapy
  • The benefits of socializing after exercise
  • Nutrition and recovery strategies, including protein-rich foods, pre-bedtime snacks, and single-ingredient foods
  • Infrared sauna, red light therapy, and dry needling for pain relief and recovery
  • Sleep techniques for physical and mental recovery

It's inspiring that Eric has structured his life around health, wellness, and getting the most out of himself. Share this episode with a friend who could use that motivation.

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Ironman Triathlon to the CrossFit Games: How Eric Hinman Mastered Recovery & Training

Ironman Triathlon to the CrossFit Games: How Eric Hinman Mastered Recovery & Training