DiscoverRuthless PodcastIs This The Worst Political Strategy Ever?
Is This The Worst Political Strategy Ever?

Is This The Worst Political Strategy Ever?

Update: 2024-06-20


On this episode of Ruthless, the fellas delve into the most pressing issues of our time, offering sharp insights and robust discussions. Join the hosts as they dissect the latest developments in immigration, media bias, and political maneuvers shaping today's headlines.

They start by examining President Biden's controversial amnesty plan, which has shielded over 550,000 immigrants from deportation. Amidst a backdrop of border crises and political tensions, the hosts critically analyze the implications and public reaction to this sweeping election year action.

Moving forward, the discussion shifts to the intricate dynamics of media bias and its profound impact on public perception. From dissecting biased narratives to questioning journalistic integrity, they explore how media narratives shape public opinion and influence political discourse.

Finally, Ralph Reed, from the faith and freedom coalition, joins the progrum to talk about their upcoming road to majority conference.

Throughout the episode, the hosts bring their trademark insightful and sometimes irreverent perspectives to bear on these critical issues. Their candid conversations provide a unique blend of analysis and commentary, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the complexities at play.


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Is This The Worst Political Strategy Ever?

Is This The Worst Political Strategy Ever?

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