DiscoverThe Morality of Everyday ThingsIs trophy hunting really wrong?
Is trophy hunting really wrong?

Is trophy hunting really wrong?

Update: 2022-01-25


Hunting endangered animals for sport. Everyone knows it’s bad. But is it really?

In this episode, Jake and Ant talk about trophy hunting and whether a moral society can permit it. They begin with an overview of how trophy hunting actually works in the nations that allow it and how it has gone wrong in the past, followed by outlining the effects it has on the environment, conservation, and local communities, which curiously, are generally positive.

This leads them into a discussion of the morality of conservation in general, whether we have an obligation to maintain species, and whether conservation of the species is sufficient to justify animals suffering.

They also discuss the differences in the opinions on trophy hunting in countries that have it and countries that don’t, questioning if it’s fair for the west to enforce their norms on far away places when they have no skin in the game.

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Is trophy hunting really wrong?

Is trophy hunting really wrong?

Ant and Jake