DiscoverThe BrainFood ShowIt’s a Wonderful Life [Part 2]
It’s a Wonderful Life [Part 2]

It’s a Wonderful Life [Part 2]

Update: 2019-12-221


In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are looking at the man Frank Capra based the character of George Bailey on in It’s a Wonderful Life, and how this rather remarkable individual went on to shape quite a bit of history in a certain region of America, in a very positive way despite that almost nobody has ever heard his name. This is all rather fitting as you might expect for someone George Bailey was patterned after.

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Over the course of the episode we also discuss in depth that little known natural disaster that was one of the most devastating in U.S. history and how it helped shaped the fate of California and certain industries there.

We then wrap the whole thing up bringing it back around to It’s a Wonderful Life, as well as some interesting related Bonus Facts.

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It’s a Wonderful Life [Part 2]

It’s a Wonderful Life [Part 2]

Simon Whistler and Daven Hiskey