DiscoverInvest in ProgressJoby Aviation: the Uber of the skies
Joby Aviation: the Uber of the skies

Joby Aviation: the Uber of the skies

Update: 2023-12-13


Joby Aviation’s Paul Sciarra on why we’re closer to the Jetson future of flying cars than people might think.

The latest episode of the Scottish Mortgage podcast Invest in Progress features Joby Aviation. Its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVOTL) aircrafts are well-placed to revolutionise how people travel in modern cities.

These aircrafts have features resembling an SUV, take off and land like a helicopter, but fly like a traditional aircraft. The fully electric vehicles deliver quiet, fast and green aerial transportation for trips anywhere between zero and 100 miles. And the end goal is to commercialise the aircraft as an “aerial taxi service” in busy city centres. In other words, to become the Uber of the skies.

In developing this mode of transport, Joby have harnessed the opportunity to address congestion, decrease operating costs, limit the carbon footprint and reduce the noise of aircraft.

Scottish Mortgage's investment reflects its recognition of Joby’s potential to disrupt the transportation industry. The company’s innovative technology, strategic partnerships and safety commitment position it for long-term success.

Join investment manager Tom Slater as he welcomes Joby’s Executive Chairman Paul Sciarra onto the podcast, and learn more about the future of urban transport.

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Joby Aviation: the Uber of the skies

Joby Aviation: the Uber of the skies