DiscoverThe CTO PodcastJoel Beasley, Modern CTO: Mastering the Art of Podcasting
Joel Beasley, Modern CTO: Mastering the Art of Podcasting

Joel Beasley, Modern CTO: Mastering the Art of Podcasting

Update: 2024-05-14


Etienne is so happy to be sitting down with his good friend Joel Beasley for this episode. Joel is the mastermind behind the Modern CTO Podcast and founder of Pro Series Media, and he is here for an enlightening conversation on the ins and outs of podcasting. With years of experience under his belt, Joel shares invaluable insights on starting, cultivating, managing, and scaling a successful podcast.

From the importance of in-person interviews to the art of crafting compelling questions, Joel breaks down the key elements that make a podcast stand out, emphasizing the significance of building genuine connections with guests and providing valuable content to listeners and stressing that quality engagement is more important than quantity.

Joel's approach to podcasting is refreshingly authentic, focusing on human relationships and meaningful conversations rather than gimmicks or marketing tactics. He shares his journey from focusing solely on technical leaders to exploring groundbreaking ideas shaping humanity, inspired by visionaries like Jordan Peterson.

Listen as Joel offers practical advice for aspiring podcasters, from niche selection and guest outreach to effective interviewing techniques. He emphasizes the value of preparation, genuine curiosity, and caring for both guests and audience members.

Joel also unveils his plans for the upcoming Joel Beasley Show, where he aims to dive deeper into transformative ideas and continue fostering meaningful connections. With Joel's expertise and passion for podcasting, listeners are in for a treat as they embark on their own podcasting journey or simply tune in to enjoy engaging conversations with fascinating individuals!

Time Stamps:

[2:31 ] - Joel feels that in-person interactions foster deeper connections compared to remote ones, enhancing relationships and responsiveness.[4:39 ] - Exploring diverse perspectives and groundbreaking ideas drives Joel's new show, inspired by transformative encounters.[7:35 ] - Joel argues that human connections hinge on shared values and content quality, reflected in his authentic podcast approach.[10:12 ] - Prioritize genuine connections over high conversion rates; quality relationships yield long-term podcast success.[13:18 ] - Invites based on episode performance prioritize engaging guests.[15:59 ] - Etienne and Joel met seven years ago when Etienne launched 7CTOs.[17:08 ] - Joel reveals that he plans to offer free, high-quality podcast creation content to build trust with businesses.[19:27 ] - Joel outlines a B2B podcast course focusing on niche identification and audience value delivery.[22:23 ] - Etienne admires marketing instincts, recognizing simplicity and potential in targeting conference audiences.[23:43 ] - Joel delegated conference research after obtaining options from a hired research analyst.[26:34 ] - Joel shares how he discovered a passion for sales, emphasizing value and dedication in podcast production.[29:04 ] - Joel emphasizes the core of podcasting: serving listeners by aligning audience needs with valuable content.[33:17 ] - Joel aims to assist creators transitioning to professional podcasting, stressing value, guest validation, and collaboration.[36:55 ] - Joel finds coaching the host to be rewarding due to their innate curiosity and care, key success traits.[38:31 ] - Consider turning coaching expertise into a podcast, offering recorded sessions to address common challenges.[40:05 ] - Joel advocates for hiring a local videographer for professional setup, maximizing quality without breaking the bank.[43:12 ] - Joel prioritizes audience value in conversations, subtly promoting podcast services and achieving 10% client conversion.[45:02 ] - Joel reflects on having sent 250 emails nightly, refining the process, highlighting problem-solving abilities.[47:47 ] - Joel bases his prices on team size, offering packages or individual options.[48:31 ] - Joel is planning to launch The Joel Beasley Show in early fall.

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Joel Beasley, Modern CTO: Mastering the Art of Podcasting

Joel Beasley, Modern CTO: Mastering the Art of Podcasting

Joel Beasley and CTO Podcast