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Josh Fuller - Matic Digital Founder

Josh Fuller - Matic Digital Founder

Update: 2023-04-19


Josh and Jason catch up on fatherhood, what led Josh from a big 4 consulting career to becoming a founder and geek out on a shared love of music.

"Be diligent with it, give it time."

Josh Fuller is the founder and CEO of Matic Digital, a digital strategy and talent growth agency that surpassed $1.5M in new business in 2021, its first year – despite a personal health bombshell, a client payment delinquency of nearly $500k, and post-covid economic uncertainties.

With just four full-time employees and about 50 independent contractors in Matic’s stable, Josh has a lot to say about finding what drives you, trusting your gut, pivoting with resilience and humor, discovering & shaping talent, and defending the value of your work, your experience, your time, and your people.

Since 2000, Josh has been an unpaid intern, a designer, a creative director, an agency owner, a Big 4 “creative consultancy” leader, a startup entrepreneur, and a mentor to hundreds of successful creative professionals. He’s been in the trenches, rising and falling right along with his teams, and he shares the kind of stories that make people think (and rethink).

Josh has founded 2 agencies to date, served as creative leadership to global brands such as Deloitte both in the U.S. and Amsterdam, been employee 1 for an acquired startup, and built dozens of creative teams over his 20+ year career for projects, clients and employers.

Prior to founding Matic Digital Josh started a successful web design shop called TrebleRed. A decade later, he wanted to see how bigger agencies operated. Josh quickly acclimated to this new level as Creative Director for Denver’s SpireDigital (formerly SpireMedia) in 2011. After working with clients like Dish, TomTom, and 50 Cent at Spire, he decided to go even bigger – joining Deloitte Digital in 2014 and working with billion dollar brands on the daily.

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Josh Fuller - Matic Digital Founder

Josh Fuller - Matic Digital Founder

Jason Frazell