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Karaoke From Around the World

Karaoke From Around the World

Update: 2022-04-12


It's Episode 36 of the Friday Night Karaoke Podcast, and the theme was #FNKWorld!

This week, we (collectively) took a vacation to travel the world and sing songs from the far reaches of the planet. #FNKWorld is all about songs / bands / artists outside the US. So bring that Gangnam Style when you're Rolling in the Deep singing the Macarena, and Don't Look Back in Anger because We Don't Talk About Bruno. We just wanna Make You Smile and we've got our Finger's Crossed to hear some Unchained Melody, but don't worry, My Heart Will Go On one way or another. Just remember that we are Never Gonna Give You Up, so sing your heart out for #FNKWorld this week!

Featured in this episode alongside hosts Mike Wiston and Joe Rubin:

  • Eric Dubrofsky with Voices by Tusse

  • Sandy Cruz with Love Shack by B-52s

  • Dana LaValle with No Roots by Alice Merton

  • Brad Harris with If I Ever Lose My Faith in You by Sting

  • Levy Alturas & AsthmaBully Jones with Fat Lip by Sum 41

  • Johathan Barnes with Is it a Crime by Sade

  • Mike Wiston with Untold Stories by Buju Banton

  • Kristoff Crafton with Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot

  • Dennis Deveaux with Dance With Me by Johnny Reid

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Karaoke From Around the World

Karaoke From Around the World

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