DiscoverPod and PrejudiceKate Beckinsale Emma (Part 2) with Vanessa Zoltan
Kate Beckinsale Emma (Part 2) with Vanessa Zoltan

Kate Beckinsale Emma (Part 2) with Vanessa Zoltan

Update: 2024-03-05


We're joined again today by Vanessa Zoltan (Hot & Bothered, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, The Real Question) to discuss the second half of the 1996 made-for-TV movie Emma starring Kate Beckinsale! Topics discussed include how young Harriet is, how much we love to hate this Frank Churchill, Emma's dreams, Mrs. Elton's accent, the letter game and Box Hill-gate, the treatment of the servants and MURDER.

Glossary of People, Places, and Things: The Sixth Sense, Jasper Cullen, David Hasselhoff, While You Were Sleeping

Check out the newest season of Vanessa's podcast, Hot & Bothered, where she's learning to critically watch romantic comedies, starting with a close look at How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! And while you're at it, check out The Real Question and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. To find Vanessa and all her projects on socials, follow her on Instagram at @vanessamzoltan.

Vanessa is also leading a pilgrimage to Bath for a five-day trip dedicated to Northanger Abbey, where pilgrims will examine Austen’s sparkling satire on Gothic fiction through the theme of doubt in classes led by Margaret H. Willison. The trip will consist of yummy food, beautiful housing at a boutique hotel, museum tours and private walking tours in a gorgeous city that features heavily in Austen’s life and writing.To claim your spot on the Northanger Abbey trip head to

Cast and Crew of Emma (1996)

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Kate Beckinsale Emma (Part 2) with Vanessa Zoltan

Kate Beckinsale Emma (Part 2) with Vanessa Zoltan

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