DiscoverAfricana WomanLEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Linda Ndungane
LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Linda Ndungane

LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Linda Ndungane

Update: 2024-02-19


Introducing Linda Ndungane, a creative strategist, employer brand specialist by day and a children's book author, podcaster and radio host by passion.

Her debut book, 'We Pray Together, We Play Together', is a faith-filled children's book aimed at teaching children about the power of prayer.

With a touch of Ubuntu and inclusivity, Linda shares the importance of cultivating a relationship with God and others from a young age, through a heartwarming story of three pre-primary school girls who teach each other how to pray.

Suitable for children aged 4 to 8, this book is a tool for parents to assist them in teaching their children about the importance of prayer and journaling their thoughts as they develop.

Let Linda's heart on pages inspire you and your little ones today!

'We Pray together, We Play together' is a faith-based book that aspires to teach children about prayer.

It is a representation of how our children learn from what parents do and not just what parents say. The story incorporates a sense of inclusion, Ubuntu and a touch of connectivity brought about by encouraging playtime and learning amongst children.

For parents it is a book that can assist to teach children about praying, speaking to them about the things the children are grateful for and what they long for the most. A conversation starter and a way to help children journal their thoughts as they develop.


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LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Linda Ndungane

LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Linda Ndungane

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