DiscoverAfricana WomanLEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Mwangala Lethbridge
LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Mwangala Lethbridge

LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Mwangala Lethbridge

Update: 2024-02-15


Introducing Mwangala Lethbridge, an Entrepreneur, Architect, Family Woman, Politician in the making and Trauma Survivor. A Christian by faith and raised Catholic, her belief system rests on four pillars as the cornerstones that guide her purpose in life: taking ownership, reliability, commitment and resilience. She hopes to inspire change in the lives of those she is blessed to encounter.

Mwangala resides both in the United Kingdom with her husband Adam and their three children and in Zambia with her son and lovely grandchildren. Still Standing is her first book.

Still Standing: The Flip Side of Denial, Depression and Forgiveness, is a story that starts with tragedy and ends with acceptance and realisation of the importance to highlight mental health. This is a story of incredible resilience, which will inspire you to challenge yourself.

Mwangala says: “My book is another stage of my catharsis, the process of facing down adversity and challenge. A very personal account of life-changing injuries leading to life-affirming action. An admission of overwhelming vulnerability and a celebration of family and friendship.”

Mwangala’s story is not one of a kind, but her vulnerability in sharing what she has learnt makes this a book we can all relate to. If you want to increase your resilience, adopt a growth mindset, or just be inspired by the miracles humans can achieve when we challenge ourselves against the odds, this book is for you. There are many lessons shared in Still Standing, but if you learn just one, let that be that there is always another chapter of your life and an unknown strength to survive when the battle is both physical and mental. Depression creeps in at any age and it is important to accept that in order to heal. This memoir encourages the reader to tackle one day at a time and celebrate the smallest achievements as if they were the largest milestones


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LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Mwangala Lethbridge

LEMBA: The Africana Authors Space - Mwangala Lethbridge

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