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Love For Conversations with Sri Ram Kumar:TMS04

Love For Conversations with Sri Ram Kumar:TMS04

Update: 2020-08-30


Do you love conversations?

While some people may not love it but there are few people for whom it becomes the basis of whatever they do in life, and this is exactly true for Sri Ram Kumar.

Sri Ram left his high profile corporate career in his mid 40s to pursue his passion for conversations. Today, he is a much sought after trainer and speaker who helps people in deriving their best out of every conversation they have.

A TEDx speaker, his TEDx speech gives a different definition of SUCCESS as we know it and he outlines in the speech, the SHIFT framework to achieve the same.

Sri Ram worked for around 20+ years in the corporate world with stints in the IT, BPO and Banking domains in a variety of functions ranging from like Business Strategy Planning, M&A/JV, Integration, Client Engagement, Strategic Marketing and Branding, Corporate Communications, Employee Engagement, and Leadership Development, amongst others before he switched to a career in Coaching and Facilitation.

In the last three years, he has clocked more than 15,000 plus hours of facilitating and coaching experience for clients from diverse industries.

Key Points we discussed:

•TEDx speech and SHIFT framework for Success
•Key qualities that helped him grow his midlife
•Leaving his stable job in the mid-40s
•Key Principle for having impactful Conversations

Time Stamps:

3:55 TedX talk experience and why he chose success as a key topic for the talk
6:10 What is SHIFT framework for Success
9:32 Top 3 characteristics that helped Sriram to grow in his career during midlife
18:00 How Sriram kept himself updated to adapt to different kind of situations during corporate life
21:33 Thoughts on career stagnancy and removing the resistance and self-limiting beliefs.
28:24 Why Sriram thought it was a right time to move out of corporate career during his mid-40s
34:31 Financial considerations while Sriram was planning for the switch
36:05 Any other considerations that one needs to take while planning for transition
40:50 How long it took Sriram to achieve stability post transitioning out to a new career
44:06 Thoughts on Going deeper at one thing v/s being a jack of all trades
49:16 What is Sriram's definition of conversations
51:39 Thoughts/tips on developing the connect during the conversations
54:34 Quickfire segment

Key Takeaways

•Irrespective of whether the situation is a personal or professional one, go ahead and share your opinion. Don't restrict yourself with the thought of what will other person think. Constantly voicing your opinions, will make you more confident and noticeable in front of people and it will just be a matter of time before they would start seeking your perspective before making any decision

•To move forward, it is imperative to have a plan in place, think of what you want to do, something that is quite close to your heart, then work towards it by being fully committed and as you move forward in journey, do not forget to have a community of like-minded people and finally do celebrate your win once you reach your destination

•Conversations need to have Simplicity, specificity, and Silence so that it can be impactful. At the same time, it should be delivered with a purpose, intent and right amount of content








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Love For Conversations with Sri Ram Kumar:TMS04

Love For Conversations with Sri Ram Kumar:TMS04

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