Love Me Two Times

Love Me Two Times

Update: 2022-06-09


Host Jeff Crawford and Co Host Baba Here Love with first half the show with Ms. Anonymous and second half of the show with Marcus Rummery. This is the second anniversary of Giant Rock Podcast! We discuss Summer of 22 Pop Culture and other very interesting topics! Just Listen and Be Here Now

Bio on Marcus -
Marcus has been creative all of his life. Born to a journalist and scientist, and raised in a community adjacent to a nuclear research facility in rural Manitoba called Pinawa. Marcus’ upbringing was one of dynamic creativity and radioactive inspiration.

Marcus began performing stand-up comedy in 1996 in Ottawa. Then, less than a year later, he came third in Canada’s Funniest New Comic contest. He has performed all across Canada and L.A., headlining in Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, toured the country twice, and been featured on XM Radio as well CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera and Madly Off in All Directions.

In 2002 Marcus became certified to teach hot yoga, a then new practice involving vigorous exercise in an extreme environment where the heat is cranked to 40.6 Celsius and the humidity to 40%. For almost eleven years, ten times a week you could here his inspirational ranting all around Lotus Land until 2014 when he premiered Hot Prana. This new series that he calls the Crossfit of Yoga, was featured in his first teacher training in 2016. A disrupter in the space he later became the first yoga teacher to also sing and play guitar while instructing, a class he calls Cool Qi.

Marcus completed his BA in psychology in 2005 and then two years later the Langara College digital documentary program, and in 2008 finished Big Medicine – The Techno-Shamanism of Frank Ogden. In 2017 he released his magnus opus film Bucket Chemistry, featuring a four-act psychedelic death and rebirth multimedia rock-show. In February 1995, after a life changing psilocybin experience, Marcus began the research that would lead to his interest in Frank’s work when he started investigating psychoactive drugs - culminating in the publication of Shamanic Graffiti in 2016, with the second edition coming out this year. The first edition is featured at the Archives of Psychoactive Substances at Purdue University. In 2021 he began his master’s degree in counseling at Athabasca University.

Fronting the bands Evoke, All Possible Humans and In Defense of Tim Leary Marcus has operated as a vocalist since the beginning. Right now, he is working on his second book Shamanic Enneagram, recording and performing as well as teaching yoga, and continuing his studies in psychology.¬if_t=page_user_activity&ref=notif

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Love Me Two Times

Love Me Two Times

Giant Rock Podcast with Jeff Crawford and Baba Here Love