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Meet the Housing Justice Team

Meet the Housing Justice Team

Update: 2023-05-08


The Housing Justice Team is a group of people with lived experience of housing instability or houselessness who want to change our collective housing future.  The group started without a predetermined outcome, and what emerged organically was a space where advocates across the country chose to rely on each other for support and shared-learning while dreaming up our own and our collective impact on our world. 

In this episode we’ll talk with the team and how our impact and vision emerged out of an authentic process for truly listening and hearing one another, with our whole selves at the core of the relationship, alongside some structure to keep us iterating and emerging toward what we wanted. It was created in mutual exchange. And in the end, each of our lives were significantly transformed as a result of being a part of this team.

Housing Justice Team Guests: Alexander Perez, Julisa Abad, LaQuita Love-Limo, Tiffany Haynes, and Wendell WIlliams. Alesha Alexee is also a member, but wasn’t able to join us for the recorded conversation.


The Producer of Alchemy of Housing Justice is Terrance Walker, aka Tré Ward. Find out more about his activism and musical gifts to us here.

This podcasted is hosted by the amazing Sarah Hunter.

This podcast wouldn’t be possible without the team of worker-owners at the Housing Justice Collective- Josephine, Rivianna, Niki and Kevin, Funders for Housing Opportunity, and Ann Oliva.









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Meet the Housing Justice Team

Meet the Housing Justice Team

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