DiscoverInvest in ProgressModerna: from Covid vaccines to cancer cures
Moderna: from Covid vaccines to cancer cures

Moderna: from Covid vaccines to cancer cures

Update: 2024-01-09


Stéphane Bancel believes Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine success could be the tip of the iceberg for its mRNA technology.

In the latest episode of the Invest in Progress podcast, Moderna’s chief executive talks to Scottish Mortgage manager Tom Slater about the company’s remarkable achievements to date and what that means for its future potential.

Moderna’s mRNA technology, which instructs cells to create proteins, allows it to develop effective solutions faster than traditional pharmaceutical approaches.

The versatility of the company's mRNA technology means it can potentially address some of the biggest unmet health needs of our time. That includes respiratory illnesses, cancer and infectious diseases, offering hope for millions of patients worldwide.

Bancel explains why the technology’s adaptability, along with Moderna’s innovative approach to scaling up manufacturing, could revolutionise how we treat disease and secure future revenues.

The company's commitment to research and development and its relentless focus on science and innovation positions it as a leader in mRNA-based medicines. That, along with the many potential uses of mRNA earns it its place in the Scottish Mortgage portfolio.

If successful, Moderna could have a significant impact on healthcare, preventing millions of deaths and improving access to healthcare worldwide.

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Moderna: from Covid vaccines to cancer cures

Moderna: from Covid vaccines to cancer cures