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Naraka Bladepoint game review

Naraka Bladepoint game review

Update: 2022-09-05


This game is a battle royale game in a superstitious samurai universe. So a game where you start on a map or in a world. In this case, you start on an island called Morus. After this, the area you can play in shrinks several times, as a poisonous fog intrudes. This means that you always end up fighting to survive, as the area you play in gets smaller all the time.

There are many different gamemodes, but I think battleroyal is the most popular, where you can play solo or in teams of 2 or 3 players. There is also a Fall Guys mode where you fight on a small platform and there are pendulums that swing back and forth to knock you off, and currently are they testing a version where 3 players fight together against computer controlled or console controlled enemies.

On the island, it is possible to take small bonus missions, to gain more experience points, and thus advance faster. It is, among other things, hunting for treasure chests, Buddhism missions where you have to pray at an altar or bounty hunter missions where you have to kill a certain player before the time runs out.

Where the game really does well, to make you want to come again, are the options to upgrade your character, or change your appearance, which of course must be unlocked with experience points, or solving the missions of the season/week/day. There are new ones every day, so there is plenty to do.


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Naraka Bladepoint game review

Naraka Bladepoint game review

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