Discover"Age of Miracles"Not Boring Founders: Vance Roush, Overflow
Not Boring Founders: Vance Roush, Overflow

Not Boring Founders: Vance Roush, Overflow

Update: 2022-03-15


Vance Roush is the founder of Overflow. Overflow builds infrastructure that makes generosity frictionless across every major asset class. The inspiration for Overflow came from Vance's other calling -- he's the founder of Vive Church, an Bay Area based church that now has over 4,000 members across 10 locations.

As Treasure of Vive, Vance realized that the church's tech-focused congregation had no easy way to donate non-cash assets--like stock--to the church. He also knew that non-cash donations were the most advantageous from a tax perspective. So he built Overflow. Overflow makes it easy to donate non-cash assets to nonprofits and churches -- unlocking generosity from contributors and opening up new sources of funding for organizations that need it most.

In this wide ranging conversation, Packy and Vance cover everything from the nature of eternity to the nitty gritty of 501(c)((3) tax codes. They also discuss Overflow's opportunity to unlock billions of dollars of generosity, the company's GTM strategy, and why giving can and should be as cool as angel investing.

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Not Boring Founders: Vance Roush, Overflow

Not Boring Founders: Vance Roush, Overflow

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