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Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar

Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar

Update: 2024-04-11


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"Big breath, magic at my fingertips, and a quest in my heart!” Owen, a spirited sorcerer, leaves the safety of their beloved library to begin a brand new, boundless adventure. With courage and curiosity, they head deep into the Great Forest and face puzzling challenges to find fellow sorcerers at the Ancient Cedar. Owen uses their wit, grit, and the encouragement of enchanted creatures to discover how to listen to the beat of their own magic and become the legendary Owen the Wayforger--Creator of Paths and Empowerer of Others!

Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar is brought to you by Girl Tales and Dorktales Storytime podcasts to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month and the rich diversity, individuality, and power of neurodiversity.

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PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: As listeners embark on Owen’s quest, they uncover profound truths about courage, compassion, and the power of being true to oneself. Owen’s decision to follow their heart and forge their own path encourages young listeners to trust their instincts and believe in themselves. The story also reminds young listeners to see the magic in everyday life, from simple acts of kindness to the wonders of nature. It was written as a celebration of neurodiversity for a more inclusive and accepting society, making it a fitting choice for Autism Acceptance Month. (Aligns with CASEL Social and Emotional learning framework)

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CREDITS: This episode is a Dorktales Storytime and Girl Tales podcast collaboration. Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar was written by Molly Murphy, produced by Tessa Flannery, starring Jonathan Cormur, Anna Maguire, and Imani Russell, executive produced by Chad Chenail and Jodi Murphy. This episode was funded by the Inevitable Foundation.

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Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar

Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar

Jonathan Cormur