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POKÉMON! Pen & Paper Version - Introduction

POKÉMON! Pen & Paper Version - Introduction

Update: 2018-07-25


Hello there! Welcome to the World of Pokémon! 

If you don’t know what Pokemon is, my god what giant rock have you been living under? No need to worry! We’ll catch you up on all you need to know! 

This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Others use them for fights or to study as a profession. Trainers may start their journey as young as 10 years old, departing from their homes without parental supervision and traveling far and wide in search of the best Pokemon, training them to evolve, learn new abilities, and battle others. This includes battling and defeating Gyms as part of the Indigo League, which are led by the toughest trainers in all the region. 

Many years ago, two trainers from the Kanto Region took foot outside their home of Pallet Town, with an encyclopedic Pokedex from Professor Oak and a quest to Catch Them All. They defeated every gym they challenged, including the Elite Four, and eventually fought each other for the title of Pokemon League Champion. Their names were Red and Blue. 

While the Pokemon World is blissful and at times uncomfortably peaceful, not all is sunshine and Ho-Oh’s flying over rainbows. There are still those wish to take instead of give, and use Pokemon abusively for their own gain. Lead by the notorious Giovanni, a group named Team Rocket attempted to take over all aspects of industry, but were foiled by Trainer Red from Pallet Town and his incredibly OP Pokemon Team. A hero of the Kanto region, Red went on to defeat his rival Trainer Blue, becoming a legendary Indigo League Champion. It is said that after catching every known Pokemon in the Pokedex, he traveled to the peak of Mt. Silver, and still trains there alone. Trainer Red’s tale has struck inspiration into the hearts of children who grew up in Pallet Town, and every year Professor Oak hands out new Pokedexes to aspiring trainers to follow in Red’s footsteps. It is now that time of year... 


Jessica Noelle Dahlgren is Candace Carter 

"Hello! I’m Candice Carter and I’m an Ace Trainer! That’s right. I come from the Carter family. My dad’s a politician and my mom’s a lawyer and they want me to follow their path but I’m gonna be like my aunt Claire and become the best Pokemon trainer and Gym Trainer in the world. She gave me a Vulpix that’s super rad and I’m so excited to get started on my adventure." 


Greg Reasoner is Skip Svitak 

"Hey, Skip Svitak here! I’m from Pallet Town. A youngster class! I’ve got a Dratini that I found in the water not that long ago and I’m gonna take it on my adventure to become the greatest Pokemon master!" 


Travis Reaves is Xander Whitten 

"Hi. I’m Xander. I’m from Pallet Town. I… well I’m a musician. I’m not really a Pokemon trainer but. I did find a Mudkip that was injured outside the back of my trailer park. He was hit by a car. And I felt bad so I took care of him. And now he just follows me around. I go to school, even though I don’t like it, and I live in a trailer park with my mom. My dad fronts a… a Cheap Trick cover band and lives somewhere outside of town. Haven’t seen him in a while. Wish I had more stuff to do..." 


And I, Sage G.C., will be your “Game Master” providing obstacles, additional character voices,  and narrating the story. There are also other voices you will hear throughout the series, played by various guests. All of whom are improvisors, improvising. That’s right, aside from the added magic of music and sound design, almost everything you hear was made up on the spot. Though, we had some help of course. 

A home-brewed RPG system was created exclusively for this series with the intent of embellishing the role-play first but still leaving room for strategy and surprises. 

Outside of battle, each of our three trainers has a set of stats such as Brawn, or Smarts, or Charisma. If I feel that any of these stats need to be tested you’ll hear this sound [!!!] 

The trainer will then roll two fudge dice that will determine one of four possible outcomes.

  • They may Succeed, or even land a Super Effective critical

  • Or if they Fail horribly

  • If the result is a Net, meaning an equal number of pluses and minuses that cancel each other out, the result is Not Very Effective and the obstacle will have to be messily solved through just Role-Play and nothing else, at the discretion of the GM of course.

  • And lastly, if the trainer rolls blanks they can call upon their Hidden Power. The result is a success but, through the magic of Improv and Role-Playing, they must get creative and use their Hidden Power stat and only that stat to overcome the obstacle. 

But what about the battles? The heart of the Pokemon games?

We felt it was really important that we capture the energy of the classic Anime and keep things exciting and present tense. So Thanks to the amazing website and community of, all Pokemon battles are acted out as they occur, with our improvisors actually battling with their Pokemon team in real-time just as you would in-game. 

There was a lot to fit into this season, so we did some level-scaling in between episodes, where I had everyone roll a d4 to determine miscellaneous wild Pokemon battles. No need to worry about us grinding through tall grass encounters. This adventure is a non-stop ride and story first. 


A brand new Pokémon legend is about to unfold right before your very ears! 16 Episodes of wonderous stories in a world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!! Let's go!!!


This podcast and series has no affiliation with Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., or anything in the official Pokemon franchise whatsoever. It is a non-profit, fan made parody piece created in fair use and all product names, trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. The bulk of what you are about to hear was recorded live by improvisors who simply love the franchise, and we thank you for joining us on our nostalgic adventure through Kanto.









POKÉMON! Pen & Paper Version - Introduction

POKÉMON! Pen & Paper Version - Introduction

Sage G.C.