DiscoverQueer Girl Film ClubQueer BAIT Film Club - Foxfire (1996)
Queer BAIT Film Club - Foxfire (1996)

Queer BAIT Film Club - Foxfire (1996)

Update: 2023-06-20


Hello all! It’s been a while and now we are back with an episode a Queer BAIT Film Club where we watch a film which isn’t gay enough and try to work out why a perfectly good (or bad) lesbian film didn’t happen.

This episode we are travelling back to the 1990s to see one of Angelina Jolie’s earliest big screen ventures as she plays… wait for it… you are NOT ready for this… a swaggering butch lesbian in a leather jacket who upends the lives of four teen girls at a generic US school. There’s sexual tension, homoerotic tattooing, and man-bashing (some literal) and yet it’s not official queer. What gives?!

The Queer Girl Film Club gang are here to try and find out. How can a film with so many crimes not ‘be gay’? Who doesn’t want a rundown house in the woods full of candles as a base (Georgia and Alice have done a lot of fire safety training and remember none of it)? Does a film need a queer kiss to be queer enough not to be bait?

Along the way the crew try to work out if Georgia is concussed from doing “too much sport” (® Alice, 2023), Holly asks if this is one of the greatest soundtracks of any film ever, and Alice calls Dmitri Mendeleev a pussy. Yes, the periodic table guy.

PLUS, if that wasn’t enough, find out what films we will be covering in season 4, coming SOON!

CN: Discussion of the dissection of animals in schools 17:39-21:00 , discussion of a predatory teacher, swearing and spoilers.









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Queer BAIT Film Club - Foxfire (1996)

Queer BAIT Film Club - Foxfire (1996)

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