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"Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almight I'm free at last" M.L. King. Discussions on the Birth Certificate

1st hour. Today was a special show to all of us directly involved and hopefully to the listeners. Paul was with us from England, as he will be on Wednesdays from here out, as well as one of the best students of this material I have ever had Brian Howard. Brian has a show on PPN on Thursday afternoons.

Brian gave us a detailed background of his experiences with the information starting with his initial episode in Idaho attempting to obtain a "non resident' state issued drivers license. That in itself is a fascinating history. He then went into his more recent experience attempting to obtain much more specific information on the exact mechanics of the Birth Certificate and the exact process that the procudtion of that document. It is an involved story but illustrates perfectly, actually 'proves' my thesis of my book and John Benson's multi decade reserach findings. Those being that we are under the feudal system disguised under the 14th Amendment. The fact that 'if' your parents were in the condition of "voluntary servitude" then you are 'born' into the same condition as property of the Lord of the Manor. Brian's finding absolutely PROVE that thesis.

We will have more shows as our understanding of this progresses and we work our way to a universal solution.
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Rob Knipp

can't wait to hear the Birth certificate remedy

Apr 16th

The Bastard King

Listening on 26 December 2018, & RadioRanch is always enjoyable to reflect on in status independence. Thank you Rodger Sayles.

Dec 26th

Don Graham

outstanding show, i am looking forward to the calk board lessons. (note no capital letters) LOL!

Dec 6th
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Radio Ranch 2018.12.5

Radio Ranch 2018.12.5