DiscoverPower Lines: From Ukraine to the WorldRebuilding: The Road to Healing
Rebuilding: The Road to Healing

Rebuilding: The Road to Healing

Update: 2023-02-23


What is it like to live through the psychological pain of war? How can you heal the trauma of genocide? How do you rebuild a country when a generation has been lost to war? Rebuilding Ukraine will not solely be about creating new cities and rebuilding destroyed infrastructure, there will need to be a new sense of a nation, one not cowed by Russia’s aggression, but stronger and more unified because of it.

In the final episode of the series, we speak to historian and political scientist Eugene Finkel about what we can learn from the parallels between this war and those of the 20th century, to explore how an entire country can heal together and move forward to a brighter, peaceful future.

Jakub and Nastya also hear from some of the Ukrainian guests who have featured across the series, to hear their reflections on a year of war in Ukraine.

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Rebuilding: The Road to Healing

Rebuilding: The Road to Healing

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