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Rules for Radicals | 4

Rules for Radicals | 4

Update: 2022-05-0916


What happens when a young man determines that his father has become a danger to society? How is the divisiveness of our politics wrenching apart families across America? And what is happening to the men and women who followed Trump’s orders and marched on the Capitol? We turn back the clock and tell the story of how the Reffitt family got to January 6th and what’s in store for them now.

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Comments (7)

Neatz Davis

That she is still talking to her husband daily yet still can't bring herself to talk to her son who did nothing wrong, who actually did the right thing, especially when looked at through the eyes of a son who has seen what his dad is capable of, makes no sense to me and is so heart breaking. The only way it makes any sense at all is knowing how violence in the home can be so insidious that the perpetrator can still be such a controlling force even away from the home. I can't imagine how else she can still support the man who shot his gun next to her head and not the brave son who did what he knew was right.

Aug 16th

Kim Hawko Vitiello

This poor woman is so conditioned by her husband that she can’t even see how messed up that situation is. Her husband puts a gun to her head and she thinks her son is overreacting?? Good lord.

May 19th

Tim Biddle

she will never leave him, and when he gets out the only way she will be out of the relationship is in a box.

May 15th


This woman is still so deeply trapped in this abusive relationship. I really hope she ends it before her husband gets out of jail. Or that he is in for a very long time. I feel for her. How terrifying.

May 11th


The son did the right thing. Turning in his dad. His dad committed a crime and his son did the Loyal American thing.

May 9th


I feel so sad for the woman who is that man's wife.

May 9th


These insurrectionists are being treated far more humanely than they would others in the same situation.

May 9th
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Rules for Radicals | 4

Rules for Radicals | 4