DiscoverMockery ManorS2 E11 - Bloodied Hands
S2 E11 - Bloodied Hands

S2 E11 - Bloodied Hands

Update: 2022-03-19


Previously: Parker bumps into Bette at the entrance to Dunkelschloss. They hide from Hilda by running into The Little Mermaid's Underwater Cave System, which, they notice, has the exact same layout as Mockery Manor's Dreamland. Parker tells Bette his suspicions - that Jenkins might had his dad killed, and that he is running some sort of shady business with Hilda. Bette explains that she eavesdropped on Hilda's meeting with "some Italian guy who wouldn't shut up about Beluga whales". Parker recognises that to be Giuseppe, and it all clicks: Wizzzard Entertainment is running a Europe-wide smuggling ring... and Hilda is going to dispose of Jenkins.

Meanwhile, in the schloss, Gretchen has stumbled across a hidden room, where Giuseppe and two other Wizzzard park managers are chatting. They don't know why Hilda has called them all to a meeting, but Giuseppe says he is planning to retire. They discover Gretchen listening, and she runs off to tell JJ what she heard. Of course, JJ doesn't want to know - much to Gretchen's frustration. With Dodgy Eric (currently unconscious on JJ's bed) having found her a buyer for the Vermeer, JJ says she just wants to sell her painting, grab Bette, and get out of there. An irate Bette bursts in, accompanied by Parker, and demands that JJ abandons her plan to sell the painting.

But before JJ can make up her mind, a sinister figure arrives, gun in hand. Bohdanko - the Russian gangster who tailed her from Japan, and beat up Eric for information in Amsterdam - has come to collect his prize.

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Mockery Manor is written and directed by Lindsay Sharman. Music, sound design and editing by Laurence Owen.

Hayley Evenett was JJ and Bette, Laurence Owen was Bohdanko and Parker, Abbie Eastwood was Gretchen, Lindsay Sharman was Margot, and Alasdair Beckett-King was Dodgy Eric.

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S2 E11 - Bloodied Hands

S2 E11 - Bloodied Hands

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