DiscoverFranchise EmpiresS6 E9: Building a Dessert Empire - Meet Dan Reese of Milkshake Factory
S6 E9: Building a Dessert Empire - Meet Dan Reese of Milkshake Factory

S6 E9: Building a Dessert Empire - Meet Dan Reese of Milkshake Factory

Update: 2023-08-29


Discover the sweet success story of the Milkshake Factory, a beloved Pittsburgh-based franchise that has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of locals and celebrities alike. Join The Wolf as he chats with Dan Reese, the business mastermind behind the franchise, as they discuss the key ingredients to their success, their unique partnership with Costco, and the challenges and rewards of growing a franchise.

From their homemade vanilla base to their commitment to quality and operational efficiency, The Milkshake Factory has become a community favorite for chocolate lovers. Learn how their family legacy and dedication to excellence have propelled them to franchise success.

But it's not just about milkshakes. Discover how The Milkshake Factory expanded their offerings to include pet treats, partnering with Costco to reach a wider audience. Find out why their collaboration with the retail giant was a game-changer for their business.

If you're considering franchising or growing your own business, Dan shares valuable insights on the process, including the importance of being well-capitalized and finding the right partners. Hear about their unique approach to franchise development and how they've navigated the challenges along the way.

Join The Wolf and Dan Reese as they take you behind the scenes of The Milkshake Factory, and share the stories that have made this franchise a true success.

00:00:00 - Milkshake Factory: Fourth Generation Chocolatier's Story

00:06:45 - Co-Created: The Milkshake Factory at Costco

00:11:12 - Costco's Pet Treats

00:15:09 - Costco's approach to CPG

00:17:00 - Adam Levine on The Milkshake Factory

00:23:18 - McDonald's on Warren Buffett and Kraft Heinz

00:24:22 - The Milkshake Factory: Why They're So Successful

00:28:32 - Tom Hanks Meets The Milkshake Factory

00:35:23 - Penguins Ice Cream Shop: The Secret to Success

00:38:28 - Grow Your Franchise: The Process, Do's and Don't

00:39:35 - Philip Franworth on Partnering With Repham

00:46:24 - Milkshake Factory Franchise Discovery Day

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S6 E9: Building a Dessert Empire - Meet Dan Reese of Milkshake Factory

S6 E9: Building a Dessert Empire - Meet Dan Reese of Milkshake Factory

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