DiscoverThe Frizzle FactorScience, Spiders, and Sebastian Echeverri
Science, Spiders, and Sebastian Echeverri

Science, Spiders, and Sebastian Echeverri

Update: 2020-02-03


Meet Our Guest:

Sebastian Echeverri is a scientist, science communicator, and educator based at the University of Pittsburgh where he is currently exploring how jumping spiders get one another's attention during courtship dances.

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In this episode, we talk:

How he wandered into the path of becoming a PhD Scientist (and how sometimes it not as intentional as we think it is)
How jumping spiders help us to also understand the physiology of our own vision and behavior
Can confirm: Spider scientist loves Spiderman
How teachers and educators can create positive experiences with spiders to break down negative misconceptions
Importance of collaboration
Overcoming challenges with perseverance, practice, and productivity
What is a scientist?
The important and often underrepresented role of ecology in science education
Being bold to explore, ask questions, and make observations in the world around you

And much, much more

Notes from the Host:

Sebastian was the first interview that I conducted and it was so fun. Forgive me for some of the newbie mistakes--the audio quality is a bit weird at first, but we fixed that around 8 minutes or so into the podcast.

I love having these long-form conversations with people and I have found myself still quoting things I learned from Sebastian in conversations in and out of the classroom. He does a great job communicating his work, and providing helpful advice for science communicators and educators. Currently (until May 2019), he is working as an NSF-funded intern at the Cincinnati Museum Center, where he is studying how the words we use to talk about animals affect how and what museum visitors learn about them. If you enjoy our conversation, reach out to Sebastian himself and tell him how much his words mean to you. Thanks so much Sebastian.

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Science, Spiders, and Sebastian Echeverri

Science, Spiders, and Sebastian Echeverri

Joanne Wasdin and Sebastian Echeverri