Season Finale

Season Finale

Update: 2022-01-05


(Recorded in the fall of 2021, released in Jan 2022) Ajira and Keelia wrap up the season by sharing what they've been up to, and recommending their favorite birth/reproductive justice-related podcasts and resources.

If you want to follow along on Ajira's or Keelia's personal journeys or learn more about their offerings, you can find Ajira @ajira on IG or on their website (, and Keelia is @doulakeelia on IG and their website is

Ajira & Keelia's favorite podcasts (in no particular order):

- Birthright, hosted by Kimberley Seals Allers:

- Masculine Birth Ritual, hosted by Grover Wehman-Brown:

- BirthBruja, hosted by Eri Guajardo-Johnson:

- Birth Stories in Color, hosted by Laurel Gourrier and Danielle Jackson:

- Sisters in Loss, hosted by Erica McAfee:

All feature BIPOC birthworkers being amazing. Some use gendered language.

If you want more doula stories, check out Romper's Doula Diaries available on Facebook:

Instagram accounts to follow for more amaazing BIPOC birthworkers and decolonizing birthwork (in no particular order): @sumistouch @queerbirthworker @birthbruja @bipocaspiringmidwives @theblackdoula @doctor_midwife

Also check out the Irth app: "The only app where you can find prenatal, birthing, postpartum and pediatric reviews of care from other Black and brown women. The #1 “Yelp-like” platform for the pregnancy and new motherhood journey, made by and for people of color. Search doctor and hospital reviews from your community! Leave a review today to help inform and protect others!" Learn more at or download the app on iPhone or Android.

Special thanks again to Cameron Sharpe, Chris Alder, Tali Perelman, and Alyssa Codamon.









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Season Finale

Season Finale

Keelia Alder & Ajira Darch