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Sky Science in the Painted Desert

Sky Science in the Painted Desert

Update: 2020-10-289


Imagine a view with almost perfect visibility, a near edgeless, perfectly black night sky. That’s the Painted Desert. Join us on a field trip with architect Wanda Dalla Costa, who will take us through the desert to explore the architectural practices of several indigenous tribes and reveal how light and design influence the way we move through the world. Oh, and we might just get a peek inside one of the most secretive, highly anticipated art projects in modern history. Want to talk more about this episode? Chat with host Saleem Reshamwala on Twitter: @KidEthnic.

Special thanks to Lemon Guo whose music was featured on this episode, as well as Byron Crenshaw of The Growth Eternal for sharing his music and video footage with us. You can stream his new album mentioned on the episode, Bass Tone Paintings, wherever you get your music. Abundant gratitude to Wanda Dalla Costa, Brian Skeet, Dr. Fowler, Richard Begay, Joseph Kunkel, Selina Martinez, Shenise Bryant, Neda Mohaved, Jessica Yu, Patrick Young and Edward Krupp for your time, guidance, and expertise in creating this episode.

Pindrop is produced by Jesse Baker and Eric Nuzum of Magnificent Noise for TED. Our production staff includes Elyse Blennerhassett, Kim Nederveen Pieterse, Hiwote Getaneh, Sabrina Farhi, Angela Cheng, and Michelle Quint, with the guidance of Roxanne Hai Lash and Colin Helms. Our fact-checkers are Paul Durbin and Nicole Bode. This episode was mixed and sound designed by Kristin Mueller.

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Sky Science in the Painted Desert

Sky Science in the Painted Desert