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Stephen P. Kiernan: Authentic Patriotism

Stephen P. Kiernan: Authentic Patriotism

Update: 2024-01-04


In this age of deep and growing civic divisions, perhaps it's time to revise the comic strip Pogo's iteration of U.S. Navy Master Commandant Oliver Perry's quote from the War of 1812: "We have met the enemy and it is us."

From our special Dinner at the Square guest Stephen Kiernan's masterpiece book Authentic Patriotism:

“The problems America faces are not going to be solved by either political party, nor are they exclusively the fault of any political party. I am reminded of the line in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet: “A plague on both your houses.” In a democracy politics are merely the manifestation of the people’s will; if Congress is weak, it is because the public’s leadership of politicians has been insufficient.”

This throwback episode is part of The Village Square's return to some of the most basic, inspiring and effective ideas we've heard through our years about how to actually fix what ails us, leading up to the launch of our Flying Pig Academy, where we'll teach our model of returning to civic health. Stay tuned.

We think it will inspire you. (You can also watch this program here.)

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Stephen P. Kiernan: Authentic Patriotism

Stephen P. Kiernan: Authentic Patriotism

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